My sophomore and junior years of high school. Somewhere in here I had intensive knee surgery. Will you be able to spot the teenage angst?


JANUARY 30, 2014


This is a very short snippet and, from what I remember, is simply a very obviously genderbent version of popular fairytale characters. It was inspired by some art that I remember being absolutely obsessed with and that I might even still have saved on my phone after all these years. There's more of it somewhere, including some plotting, so maybe it'll get it's own little section one day if I can track down where it's gone...

FEBRUARY 18. 2014

The Black Plague

While this piece was something that I was assigned to write in my history class, I still vividly remember being very proud of this little bit of prose. These characters and topics almost certainly won't make a return but I feel like this is still a very fun example of my writing at the time, as my younger self put real work into this one...

FEBRUARY 23, 2014

Rodger & Terry

Rodger Ellis and Terry Grey have a long and, well, storied history together. Or not together, as would be more fitting. In fact, though they are a package deal in any Flowers' storyline, one of their main shticks is that they have never and will never truly be together. That's just a fact of the world at this point. The sun rises, the wind blows, Rodger and Terry will never manage to fix themselves enough to make it work with each other...

FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Demons? Reincarnation?

When reading and collecting these pieces to organize and share, there's a lot of instances where, as I read something, the context or reason for why I've written it or what the concept was that inspired it to begin with slowly becomes clear. Especially with one-offs it takes a good deal of thought because most of the time I'm not familiar with their characters or story anymore. But usually it'll come back to me and I'll be able to explain to you who these characters are, why they're doing what they're doing, why I never returned to their story.

...I have no clue what this story is. I have no recollection of writing it, nor why it was written or even if there's any more of it to be found!

MARCH 23, 2014

Virtues and Vices

You'd likely be surprised to know that I am a sucker for religious iconography. You'd likely be even more surprised to know that this whole story concept is based off of an old fanfic of mine. Both were named Shattered Glass because they are based heavily in mirror worlds and reflections. Personally, looking back on it, I think that I liked the fanfiction version much better than this one but maybe that's because at the time I was going to church and the likes and this is heavily steeped in that time period, of which I don't have the fondest memories...

MARCH 28, 2014

Superhero Battle Royale

Hm, this is an interesting find for me. This story concept is based off of a dream I had if I recall. People are put into multiple different teams and there's a series of bracelets - or some kind of jewelry, but it was originally bracelets, I'm sure - that they have to find and collect. Whoever collects the majority of them or all of them before the time is up get incredible power or influence. The rest die. Predictably high stakes, of course...

APRIL 22, 2014

Loneliness, Tragedies

Oh, how quickly things can change in about four months time apparently! Somewhere between Dear Readers in December and this series of drabbles in April, our heroine's name has changed once again. And she's not the only one! This is also likely one of the first pieces that we finally see our main cast of five in. Though Kristie, now Frankie, has managed to keep her stranglehold on her main character status at least in these little drabbles...

APRIL 29, 2014

Here There be Dragons!

Ah, one of the dragon phases. We've finally found one. It's somewhat of a surprise that we've come up a dragon phase before a horse one, to be quite honest. Though I'm sure that that won't be the case forever. Mostly because I can think of at least two off the top of my head though there's a high chance they've been lost to the notebooks and aren't typed anywhere. Yet. Once I'm not suffering through moving and my notebooks aren't packed away, that's one of my next projects...


Tate's Story - Chapter 1

Whoa! And we've stumbled upon our first chaptered story! Surprise, surprise, it's NOIA.

However, you may be wondering, if you've read any of the other parts of this series, Tate? Who's Tate? We've never seen anyone by that name before! Well, first off, that's NOIA for you. Names are never consistent and occasionally stump even me. Second, you actually have met Tate before, though briefly, and under the name TJ. During this section we also welcome back Nik, now Annika or Ann...

NOVEMBER 8, 2014

Mikel & Max

Say hello now to some more characters from Flowers! You'll discover that Flowers has always had quite the large cast because for some reason I used to think stories needed 20+ characters and plots to be any good.

Sadly, from what I can recall from Flowers - it's been a little while since I've really worked on it in depth - there's only one or two pairings that are any kind of functional and healthy and Mikel and Max are not one of them. No matter what these drabbles might try and convince you...