Giving Old Projects New Purpose

Hello again! You've come to learn even more about who I am and what this whole blog is about. Well, I'm Caissy Maxwell and I'm a writer. I've spent years and years - almost half of my life at this point - writing and honing my craft. Creating worlds and stories for interesting characters to live within is my passion in life and you'll find that more than a decades worth of writing leaves you with a lot of stories that might never be told in full. Or a lot of characters, once near and dear, who've been left behind to fade into nothing as you move onto bigger and better things.

But I find that there's something sad about that. And that's something that I'd like to have the chance to change. I want to document all of these bits and pieces I've written - yes, even the 'cringy' things little twelve year old me thought were revolutionary once. I also want to use this as a reference of sorts, to show the growth and progression of time, and to show how a story can change throughout the many, many years of workshopping and learning.

I hope that if you've stumbled upon this little corner of the internet, you enjoy your stay! And to any writers out there, take this as a moral boost, no one comes out of the womb knowing how to tell a story and no one ever stops learning.