Recording A Decade's Worth of Content

Hello! My name is Caissy Maxwell, I go by Max, and this is a fun little project of mine that I've finally decided to set into motion. I've been a writer for over a decade and I have a lot of work from when I was younger that I've been meaning to record for... a long time. I think that sharing some of these bits of writing - and comparing them to some more current pieces of mine - could be fun. A lot of these stories and characters are near and dear to me and I hope that maybe some of them can be meaningful to others as well.


March 23, 2014: Virtues and Vices

You'd likely be surprised to know that I am a sucker for religious iconography. You'd likely be even more surprised to know that this...

January 30, 2014: Uncertainty

This is a very short snippet and, from what I remember, is simply a very obviously genderbent version of popular fairytale characters. It...

November 8, 2014: Mikel & Max

Say hello now to some more characters from Flowers! You'll discover that Flowers has always had quite the large cast because for some...

Febraury 18, 2014: The Black Plague

While this piece was something that I was assigned to write in my history class, I still vividly remember being very proud of this little...

February 23, 2014: Rodger & Terry

Rodger Ellis and Terry Grey have a long and, well, storied history together. Or not together, as would be more fitting. In fact, though...



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