Recording A Decade's Worth of Content

Hello! My name is Caissy Maxwell, I go by Max, and this is a fun little project of mine that I've finally decided to set into motion. I've been a writer for over a decade and I have a lot of work from when I was younger that I've been meaning to record for... a long time. I think that sharing some of these bits of writing - and comparing them to some more current pieces of mine - could be fun. A lot of these stories and characters are near and dear to me and I hope that maybe some of them can be meaningful to others as well.


December 1 , 2013: Stories Told

These bits and pieces are from a continuity of No One Important called Storytellers, which is one of the earliest versions of NOIA to...

December 30, 2013: Dear Readers

Dear Readers isn't a particularly groundbreaking moment for the No One Important story line, it's not even the first appearance of...



(Updated: December 21, 2021)