My oldest story and characters, dating back to around 2012, if not earlier. A man finds himself dragged into a dimension not his own and mistaken for a wanted revolutionary. As you can imagine, none of this goes to plan.



DECEMBER 1, 2013

These bits and pieces are from a continuity of No One Important called Storytellers, which is one of the earliest versions of NOIA to exist. In fact, I believe that there is one single continuity that is older than this one and one era of names that is earlier than this one. This falls into about the same era as Dear Readers did with our story being driven by the current main character Kristie and also ND is still around! He hasn't been forgotten yet and we love that for him...

DECEMBER 30, 2013

Dear Readers isn't a particularly groundbreaking moment for the No One Important story line, it's not even the first appearance of Kirsten Silva (Kristie) - I'm still working on tracking that down - and there's a much more successful canon of Kristie's without her as the main character that takes place during her era. Though it is significant in that it likely is one of the few times remaining during this period in which Kristie - and her other iterations - have the spotlight...


Whoa! And we've stumbled upon our first chaptered story! Surprise, surprise, it's NOIA.

However, you may be wondering, if you've read any of the other parts of this series, Tate? Who's Tate? We've never seen anyone by that name before! Well, first off, that's NOIA for you. Names are never consistent and occasionally stump even me. Second, you actually have met Tate before, though briefly, and under the name TJ. During this section we also welcome back Nik, now Annika or Ann...

APRIL 22, 2014

Oh, how quickly things can change in about four months time apparently! Somewhere between Dear Readers in December and this series of drabbles in April, our heroine's name has changed once again. And she's not the only one! This is also likely one of the first pieces that we finally see our main cast of five in. Though Kristie, now Frankie, has managed to keep her stranglehold on her main character status at least in these little drabbles...




Detective Tate James has spent the majority of his career tracking the disappearance of three teenage girls. A case long gone cold. What he never expected was to become a part of the case himself. Or to meet the girls himself when they save him from a fate he could never have predicted.

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