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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

As I'm sure you've probably seen in a few places on this blog by now, my name is Caissy Maxwell, I go by Max, and I'm a writer on my way to tackling a big project that I've been putting off for more than... a few years at this point. Which is documenting every bit of writing I've ever done in a digital format because I'm the type who writes everything done by hand first and let me tell you that makes for quite the backlog when it comes to actually keeping track of the thing you've written.

There are almost certainly countless things that have been lost to the inner pages of a notebook I forgot existed and have only recently dug up as I've begun really trying to organize things to make my life much easier in the long run. This includes about eleven binders and counting and a whole slew of notebooks that still haven't been sorted through.

I'm not only doing this for my own sake though - because it's long past time that I do put work into getting something like this done - I'm also doing this because I think that it could be an interesting project to share with other people and documenting that journey is going to be fun! I love looking at old bits of writing and seeing my old thought processes play out. Or even seeing a years old passage and wondering what the heck was going through my head when I wrote that because surely I had some sort of plan that I just don't remember anymore.


So, not only am I going to put everything that I finish up on this blog to archive - though don't think I'm not going to have a backup somewhere, I know better! - but I'm also going to be streaming myself going through the process of organizing and typing it all up. You'll be able to find me over at https://www.twitch.tv/basecatgaming, where I'll be doing writing streams and likely just chatting streams for this little project and my partner will likely occasionally be let's play streams.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and that you find a little something to entertain yourselves for a while when this whole thing gets off the ground! :)

(The stack of binders I see in my nightmares)

(Another stack of notebooks, a gremlin who wouldn’t let me take a picture without her, and a book I’d highly recommend!)

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